5 things you didn’t know about our meteorite jewellery

If it’s good enough for Thor’s hammer (oh – and Rolex), it’s good enough for us. 

Our meteorite jewellery has been a massive hit with our gentleman shoppers (and indeed, their lovely WAGS). But where does it come from? And why is it so darn special?

1. Our jewellery is made from muonionalusta meteorite which hit us over one million years BC (and by ‘us’ we mean the Earth, obvs).

2. It is thought to be the oldest material on the planet. Blimey.

3. It was formed from the molten centre of a previously destroyed planet. Yes, you read that correctly.


4. Want to try to recreate its amazing pattern at home? Okay, here’s what you need to do: take some molten metal into a space vacuum, check the temperature is hotter than the sun, then simply wait for it to cool by 1 degree celsius every one million years so this unique metal crystallisation can occur. Easy.

5. We source it from northern Scandinavia and you need a licence to find it. Oh, and it has to be excavated by hand. But anything for you. So who’s impressed? I know I am. You can shop our meteorite collection here